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Pamela Cone

Attorney at Law

Professional Qualifications

  • Member of Missouri Bar since October 1986
  • Private and public law practice since 1986
  • Ongoing Annual Continuing Education in Practice Focus Areas
  • Previously a Staff Attorney with Legal Aid of Western Missouri
  • Served as Assistant Buchanan County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Court Admissions to Practice (current or prior):  All Missouri Trial and Appellate Courts and Administrative Agencies; Colorado State District Court; U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri; U.S. District Court for Kansas; 8th Circuit Court of Appeals (Missouri); 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (Kansas); Supreme Court of the United States of America 

Personal Family Care Experiences

    When it comes to issues of "estate planning" and "elder law," Pamela has "been there and done that" as a result of life experiences in which she became responsible for people about whom she cares.

     For over a decade, Pamela has been the care manager for her husband who became quadriplegic as the result of a traumatic brain injury at age 43.  This role has required taking actions relying on traditional estate planning documents.  And ultimately, the role required application for Medicaid for long-term home care, a process which addressed asset and income eligibility and through which a Medicaid "division of assets" was achieved with Pamela being the "community spouse."

     In her mother's last illness, Pamela stood in the role of Attorney in Fact under a Power of Attorney for health care decisions with her brother and sisters.  These health care decisions came to include decisions about ending life support.  After her mother's death, Pamela's involvement turned to roles of Trustee and Personal Representative, roles chosen for her by her mother in traditional estate planning documents.

   The legal responsibilities of these personal experiences were made manageable by the creation of plans for "what if . . . and when" before accident or illness presented a crisis.

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